Ideas to results.


Strategic Planning

Every organization needs a “plan.” Sequitur will work with clients through a series of planning sessions to develop a roadmap for where the organization is today and where it should be in the future.  Through a collaborative process, Sequitur can help clients assess their needs and set goals so that the organization can more effectively develop priorities and take action steps that support their vision for success.

Project Management

Every project needs a “quarterback” to ensure the project team is on track to achieve the desired results on time and within budget. From develop a project roadmap and engaging partners to ensuring team members understand responsibilities and monitoring results, Sequitur can make it easier for clients to achieve their desired outcomes in the most efficient and effective manner.

Legislative Strategy

Many clients find themselves in need of legislative changes (state or federal) to help make their business goals more achievable.  Sequitur’s experience navigating the legislative process and developing a comprehensive advocacy strategy can help clients avoid diverting limited resources from their core business activities figuring out how to effect change within the political process.

Public Relations Strategy

From strategic message development to helping organizations increase the visibility of their good work, Sequitur can help clients maximize the effectiveness of their communications.  Sequitur’s knowledge of how to craft a compelling message and interface with the media can help organizations ensure the message they want to convey is reaching the people they want to reach.

Policy Development and Implementation

Crafting policy solutions that are both pragmatic and workable to long-standing or difficult problems often requires substantial research and subject-matter expertise. Sequitur’s experience developing policy solutions in numerous sectors, coupled with our legal expertise, can help clients weigh multiple solutions to problems, analyze the implications of each option and implement the solution that most effectively further the organization’s goals.

Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach

Developing and implementing new ideas will almost always involve engaging people and groups outside of the organization to solicit input or build support. Sequitur can guide an organization through this process by identifying key stakeholders, developing a stakeholder engagement strategy, leading outreach meetings and helping organizations incorporate stakeholder concerns or feedback into projects to make them more successful.